Better late than never

I've put these images on hold for too long and it's time to unveil Kauai. Why Kauai? you might ask.  This is the spot Andrew and I chose for our honeymoon.  Mexico all inclusive? No way, not for this couple! We chose a bed in breakfast in the middle of the island with rolling farmland, waterfalls, and beautiful scenic outlooks of this lush island. We also rented a jeep for the week to cruise around the island.

I wouldn't change this week for anything.  Well, maybe the time we lost our keys and were stranded for half the day and spent most of that time on the phone. However, if you're going to be stranded for half the day and spending most of it on the phone, it might as well be on a sandy beach in a bay perfect for surfing, while watching sun set over the water with your new husband.  Let's be real, it wasn't too bad.

So here you have it, some highlights of breathtaking Kauai.